Dear family and friends. We are planing to start our journey the 10th of July in Marmaris, Turkey. Let's keep fingers crossed, that everything will be fine and we'll make it. Why videos? We always loved to make videos. First of all we make the videos for ourself. It's a way to remember. So if you like, feel free to enjoy the videos as well. The production process is always a bit delayed. If you would like to know what's going on time, check out our Facebook and Instagram page. Both with the hashtag FAMILIAPORELMUNDO. We are more then happy to have people on board. Write an email to get in touch and get the latest jump on location. 

Paz y amor

Lyz, Oli, Lou and Atl 

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Publication, July 2019


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Check out as well our Instagram and Facebook pages. #familiaporelmundo. 


Paz y amor


Oliver, from Familiaporelmundo