Lou, Lyz, Atl and Oli are an interracial & multilingual family (Spanish, english, french & german) with lot's of positiv energy & crazy ideas. Their roots are based in the wild pacific coastline of Mexico and the rural alps of central Switzerland. Spicy and sweet. Or a chili and chocolate family. 


Everything started a few years ago with a dream, a dream of trying something different, jumping our of the hamster wheel, leaving their comfort zone, spending time as a family, working as a team, growing together and inspiring other families to follow their own dreams. 


In spring 2018 they bought and old Sailboat named Hardrock in south Turkey and begann to rebuild it. In Spring 2019 they set sails for this unique, once in a lifetime, adventure. 


The adventure is way more than just a family travel. The last 15 years Oliver worked with Children and families that suffer of violence, bulling, depressions, addictions or problematic family conditions. Non violently education with respect, love and appreciations where always big guidelines for his work and his family.


They would like to use this unique journey to sensitize people around the world for rights to grow up without violence and with respect, love and appreciation. Kids should be protected from all forms of physical or mental violence. Be a part of it and help to spread this message. 


Lyz, Lou, Atl & Oli